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Mountain Lion Monitoring Technician – Helena (Statewide)


POSTING DATES: Ends July 22, 2019


Handle logistics and preparations for annual mountain lion spatial capture-recapture monitoring effort. Solicit bids from houndsmen to tree lions and collect biopsy darts with DNA. Arrange housing for houndsmen. Secure access and necessary permits to conduct sampling. Establish a contract with a genetics lab for lion DNA analysis. Coordinate with all FWP Regions to obtain DNA samples from all harvested lions. Coordinate with other agencies, e.g., IDFG, and entities to obtain DNA samples from all lions. Purchase, inventory, distribute and maintain dart guns, sample kits, and other needed equipment and supplies. Finalize houndsmen contracts. Train contracted houndsmen on sampling procedures.

Coordinate and participate in daily field efforts to sample study area for lions. Assign cells to be sampled on a daily basis. Troubleshoot equipment and survey protocols as needed. Accompany houndsmen in the field to capture and sample lions. Make sure sampling protocols are being adhered to.
Collect datasheets regularly. Collect DNA samples regularly and prepare for storage, shipment, and analysis.

Prepare all field data and samples for processing and analysis.
Assimilate all data from field surveys into a spreadsheet or other electronic format so that the data are accurate and ready for analysis.

Understand, track, and report on lion SCR project budget.

Work with Carnivore-Furbearer Coordinator and Communications-Education Division to create public communications about the work, e.g., videos, written articles, social media material, etc.

Other Carnivore-Furbearer program duties: Help refine and communicate lion SCR monitoring internally and externally. Inventory and purchase radio collars.
Coordinate wolf heli-capture efforts. Remote camera inventory and maintenance. Pelt tag acquisition and delivery. Large carnivore conflict data assimilation

Work Location:  Helena and Missoula, MT

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Hunting Access Technician – Region 6

POSTING DATES: Ends July 21, 2019


Assist Hunting Access Enhancement Coordinator with initiation of the Block Management Program season. Organize and distribute supplies for seasonal and full-time staff. Utilize GPS units for public and private land signing in the region. Meet with landowners to implement specific details of new and existing block management agreements. Responsible for placing boundary and trail signs, distributing permission slip books, maps and signs to landowners, and installing hunter sign-in boxes in cooperation with landowners to help increase hunter awareness of current block management area rules. Regularly meet with landowners to discuss current block management area rules on a full-time basis during the hunting season. Check sign-in boxes on a weekly basis to determine current hunter use, restock permission slips and maps when necessary. Patrols block management areas on a full-time basis during the hunting season. Checks hunter compliance and provides violation information to enforcement personnel. Responsible for removing hunter sign-in boxes, collecting permission slip booklets from landowners, and developing a report on block management activities during the post season. Hours will vary and weekend and holiday work will be required.

Work Location:  Plentywood, MT as well as Malta and Culbertson

See specific job details and application process here: Click here