LOCATION: Dakota Zoo, Bismarck, North Dakota

DATE: June 11-13, 2019

Global Wildlife Resources is dedicated to supporting zoo & wildlife professionals with
humane capture and handling through training & field assistance. GWR and the Dakota
Zoo are offering a 3-day wildlife handling course at the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck, North
Dakota. This class is one of the most current and extensive chemical immobilization
courses in North America and includes hand-on labs with captive wildlife. It has been
invaluable to college students, state, federal, and tribal wildlife professionals, zoo
caretakers, sanctuaries, game farms, animal control officers, veterinarians, and veterinary

This unique field-oriented training focuses on the needs of professionals to understand the
skills and equipment associated with zoo & wildlife captures, physical restraint, and
chemical immobilization for free-ranging, captive and urban settings. The course also covers in detail each aspect of animal
processing such as radio-collaring, ear-tagging, weighing, sample collection and patient monitoring.

Course content includes:

Five-step Preparation for Field Operations * Legal Responsibilities * Professionalism* Drug Delivery Systems
* Immobilizing Drugs * Patient Monitoring* BAM * Sampling * Veterinary Emergencies* Euthanasia * Human Safety * Zoo
Specific Immobilizations * Honoring each animal through equipment and techniques

Click here for detailed course announcement

Click here for detailed course outline

The UM Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society Fundraiser – Beats, Brews & Beasts

The UM Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society Fundraiser - Beats, Brews & Beasts

WHEN: March 15, 2019 from 6pm-9pm
WHERE: The VFW bar in downtown Missoula!
DETAILS: We are selling tickets online for $16 ($20 at the door). A ticket will get access to food and silent auction; however, the bar is open to the public (we will receive a portion of drink profits). We will have music from the band “Rotgut Whines” and also a  dessert contest (see Facebook for details).
The UM Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society Fundraiser

2019 America’s Grasslands Conference

America’s Grasslands Conference: Working Across Boundaries

Preserving and Regenerating Our Natural Heritage Together

A conference co-hosted by the National Wildlife Federation, North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition, and North Dakota State University.

If you work on grasslands issues ranging from livelihoods, management, policy, research, conservation, education, or others, please apply to present your work and attend the 5th biennialAmerica’s Grasslands Conference!

2019 Call for Presentations!
Conference Date: August 20-22, 2019
Location: Bismarck, ND
Deadline for Abstracts: March 15, 2019

For more information about the conference, you can go to the link here: America’s Grasslands Conference

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February 13, 2019


The Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust is pleased to announce they will be accepting applications for funding for 2019. The Trust will make available funding for projects that restore and conserve fisheries, wildlife and riparian habitat, enhance public hunting, fishing and recreational opportunities and improve public access to public lands.

The Trust will not commit funding for infrastructure unless it serves an integral function in the acquisition of publicly accessible lands or interest in lands.

The Trust will begin accepting proposals February 13, 2019. All applications must be postmarked no later than April 12. 2019 Applications may be requested by contacting the Trust at:

Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust
PO Box 1993
Helena, MT 59624
Phone: (406) 461-9524 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Email: fwctrust@mtoutdoorlegacy.org

Website download: www.mtconservationtrust.org

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University of Montana students get involved with community outreach!

University of Montana’s Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society is at it again!  Check out these articles about their outreach efforts with the Flagship program as they work with local school children in and around Missoula, as well as their involvement in the Phillipsburg area with this year’s annual Hunter Mentorship program!

Flagship program

Hunter Mentorship program

Grants available for wildlife projects through Montana Audubon

Grants Available for Wildlife Projects through Montana Audubon

Each year Montana Audubon awards grants from the Audubon Wildlife Fund of Montana, a permanent endowment. Audubon Wildlife Fund grants support education and research projects that benefit wildlife in Montana. Preference is given to projects benefiting nongame wildlife and their habitats. If you are considering applying for an Audubon Wildlife grant for 2019, click here: Montana Audubon Wildlife Grants.

Applications are due on December 14!

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2018 Fall Newsletter

We hope everyone has had a good fall, and is ready for winter.  Although the annual meeting is still a few months away, it will be here before we know it!  Liz and the board are working hard to plan the meeting, and the call for abstracts, registration, and other announcements should begin arriving in your inbox soon. As a reminder we are still looking for nominations for the secretary and president elect positions as well as awards and proposals for small grants. If you are interested in running or know anyone who maybe interested, please let us know.

Details on this and more can be found clicking here:  2018 Fall Newsletter

Podcasts from the Northwest Section coming soon!

Podcasts from the Northwest Section coming soon!

Oregon TWS is producing a natural history/conservation podcast entitled Northwest Nature Matters. The podcast will entail interviews with resource experts in various disciplines…largely focusing on the greater Pacific Northwest area (broadly interpreted). The goal is to reach a broader segment of the public in addition to our colleagues and friends.

Some last details are being finalized on their website (hosted by the Oregon Wildlife Foundation) and will be ready to publicly launch on December 3rd

Stay tuned, as we get more details and updates, we will pass them along to you!

University of Montana Student Chapter Update

University of Montana Student Chapter Update

Greetings from UM!

Our Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society has had a very active fall. We have students volunteering around the community apple picking to discourage bears with the Great Bear Foundation; rolling barb wire with the Backcountry Horsemen at the Blackfoot-Clearwater Game Range; spending their weekends at Hunter Check-stations with the FWP biologists; and, a new activity of teaching in an afterschool program called Flagship.

Our current education outreach officer, Jonathan Karlen, came into the semester with the goal to get our students more involved with our community’s youth. He has arranged our students to visit different Flagship elementary or middle school programs to teach 2-hour Bear Safety and Wildlife Jobs classes. Our TWS members are engaging the younger students with an activity-based program which features inert bear spray demonstrations, hands-on skull and skin inspection, PIT tag reading, and even a telemetry scavenger hunt! This has been a fun new opportunity for our students and we are happy to be inspiring future wildlife conservationist.

Coming up, in a partnership with the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Student Chapter, we are hosting a program called Hunter Mentorship. The mission of Hunter Mentorship Program (HMP) is to provide the opportunity for natural resource pre-professionals to learn about the culture, ethics, and practice of fair-chase hunting on public, private, and block-management lands in Montana. We take students who are new hunters or just observers and pair them with experienced Montana hunters for a weekend. The group will travel to a cabin in Philipsburg where food and lodging is free to all participants. This is the fourth year of HMP, which was started by UM doctoral candidate James Goerz, and the TWS students are very excited to participate.           

Our group appreciates the support and interest of the Montana State Chapter! We have an enthusiastic group of undergraduate students who would be thrilled to assist with wildlife related projects, so keep us in mind if you ever need some extra hands. GO GRIZ!

Megan Robbins


UM Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society

2018 young students
Telemetry with Flagship students
2018 Tree
Discouraging bears!
2018 classroom
Skulls and Skins with Flagship students
Removing fences on the Blackfoot Clearwater WMA