Proposed Changes to Bylaws

Proposed Changes to Bylaws

Periodically, issues arise that necessitate changes to MTTWS bylaws. This year we were solicited by the awards committee to update the language in the awards section to reflect current procedure. We will vote on these changes at our business meeting (February 9, 2024) during the annual conference in Butte.  


Modifications/additions to the MT TWS bylaws


Text to be deleted and added to Article VIII – Committees, Section 2, Clause F – Awards (pg 7 and 8)

This committee shall consist of at least three members, one from each geographic region of the Chapter.  A fourth member of the committee will be appointed by the President for input on selection of recipients for the Bob Watts Wildlife Communications Award.  

To foster standardization of selection procedures, the Committee Chair shall be appointed to the committee the year succeeding his/her chairmanship, serving only one year as Chair. Committee members shall not be eligible as award candidates and may not make nominations for the Distinguished Service Award nominate candidates for award recipients. They may nominate candidates for Wildlife Biologist of the Year. Committee members shall recuse themselves from voting on any award where a conflict of interest exists.


Text to be deleted and added to Article VIII – Committees, Section 2, Clause F – Awards, 3) Guidelines for Selection (pg 9)

Each member will rate each nominee. The Committee will tabulate a total numerical rating for each nominee.  The Committee will decide the award recipient on the basis of these numerical ratings and other appropriate considerations.  The Committee will then convene to make a final determination of the recipient for each award. The decision of the Committee will be forwarded to the President not less than thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting. In the event of a tie between nominees, the president Board shall be empowered to use discretion in breaking the tie.